Naftali is situated in the Kanoneiland area 25km outside Upington.
Celebrate your wedding day in the tranquil setting of Naftali Estate’s vineyards, rose and herb gardens & river views.
Romance will lead you down paths you never know existed.

For reservations please contact:

Surine Bezuidenhout: 082 492 4669
Tel: 054 491 9016 / 9000
Fax: 054 491 9001

25km from Upington en-rout to Keimoes
15km from Keimoes on -to Upington
For directions please click on our map

Orange River Wine Cellars


Situated in the northern parts of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, Orange River Cellars offers an extensive range of dry white wine, natural sweet and dry red wine, as well as dessert wines. These wines are successfully marketed locally and internationally and enjoyed by wine lovers and cognoscenti alike. Our specialist staff members are only a few clicks away and standing by for any queries you may have regarding the selection, making the purchase of your wine online a satisfying and complication-free pleasure.

Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate


Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate offers visitors true Green Kalahari hospitality through our visitors center. Take an informative tour of our Distillery and learn about the ancient art of fine Brandy making. Sample our range of boutique wines, top quality brandies, delicious liqueurs and adventurous spirit products, accompanied by a Cheese & Preserve platter.Our small, if lofty, daily mission is to make South Africans proud of their great culture, specifically its wines and brandies, and secondly, to make those who don’t live here feel welcome. We do this by always focusing on quality, authenticity of origin, hospitality and family.


Address: N14, Dyasons Klip Settlement, 8805
Phone: 054 491 1141